Extreme ownership

We 3Preneurs at all levels should own everything in our world. We don’t just take responsibility for our own tasks, we take Extreme Ownership of everything that impacts us at 3H.

If we find others are not performing as they should we mustn’t sit back and lay blame but look to ourselves to find a way to bring them to the common goal.


We 3Preneurs apply the trustworthiness formula in every aspect of our lives.

Trustworthiness = (Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy) / Self-Orientation.

To achieve Trustworthiness, the qualities of the numerator must be maximised while the denominator must be minimised. But we know Trustworthiness comes from behaviour and not maths!


We 3Preneurs believe that substance is more important than form, hence we strive to remove all layers of unnecessary complexity and waste from everything we do. We avoid “re-inventing the wheel” when existing knowledge or solutions are available. Life is difficult and business is difficult, but we 3Preneurs are smart, and being smart means dealing with complexity without using unnecessary, complicated jargon that your grandma would not understand. Responding to complexity with complexity creates barriers to communication, learning and change.

Growth mindset

We believe that becoming stronger and smarter is a matter of effort and not a matter of innate talents, “success is the mirror of effort”. 3Preneurs with a growth mindset acknowledge important and useful lessons learned, including those from failures. We 3Preneurs look beyond a person’s self-perceived limitations and take responsibility for enabling the growth of others through mindful, creative, flexible and respectful development approaches in accordance to what is important to them. Freedom of speech is the driver of a growth mindset. Everyone has an obligation, when appropriate, to challenge the prevailing wisdom.

Intellectual passion and theory building

We encourage intellectual stretch defined as the ability to push oneself and others to go beyond the current understanding of "how the world works" and putting forward simple yet effective actionable theories.

We 3Preneurs deeply enjoy the intellectual challenge of working at 3H. We are not satisfied with the presence of success (a project, a successful sale, etc.) unless it has also created a new, valuable intellectual contribution.

We 3Preneurs continuously engage each other as well as clients on intellectually stimulating challenges with the purpose of creating new or sharing existing knowledge.

Creative entrepreneurship

We 3Preneurs strive to create superior value for clients, while maximising profitability of 3H Partners over the three horizons.

We achieve this by leveraging "creativity" defined as the ability to "connect the dots" acting lawfully and with integrity.

We 3Preneurs encourage speed and risk-taking: do, fix and either celebrate the success or take the loss as soon as possible, taking responsibility and ensuring action at every level of the firm.


We 3Preneurs work in teams to supplement, support and enhance the diversity of skills and qualities of each individual (3Preneurs, clients, experts etc.) to produce an enhanced outcome. The sum of the team is greater than the individuals within it and everyone brings something to the party.

A 3H team is meaningful: it has genuine challenges and rewards being a member of a superb team has a profound impact on everyone, they know that inclusion is a mark of their own excellence.

A 3H team is non-hierarchical: the person who is best able to do a task should do it, it is a community based on merit and passion.

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Our team of experts, together with our extensive professional network, cover a wide variety of disciplines and industries. We call ourselves "3Preneurs" and we have three distinct souls fused together:

Industry thought leadership - extensive expertise of working with business leaders gives us a deep understanding of the competitive and environmental forces acting a global and local levels

Academic excellence - we play an active role in teaching and research in some of the most prestigious Business Schools in the world, focusing our minds on the most relevant and impactful issues for the business community and society at large

Entrepreneurial mindset - our unique culture makes us always think and act as if we were directly the owners of the challenges we are hired to solve

This blend of expertise means we can deliver entrepreneurial solutions with business style management.

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"A unique approach, blending the relevance of the best consultancies and the rigor of the top academics." - CEO European Media Company

"Highly challenging people who do not hesitate to positively question your strategic decisions." - CMO, US Mobile Content Provider

"Not only could they identify new business avenues, they showed great pragmatism by implementing sourcing strategies that resulted in significant savings for the group." - CEO, European Retailer


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